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Clocks, of The British Museum

Détails de l'ouvrage

Auteur : David Thompson
Éditeur : BMP (2004)
Reliure : Relié (176 pages couleurs) 19 cm x 25 cm
Langue(s) : Anglais
ISBN (EAN) : 978-0-7141-2812-2 (9780714128122)


Clocks, of The British Museum, de D. Thompson, Ed. BMP, 19 cm x 25 cm, relié avec 176 pages couleurs

Cet ouvrage écrit par David Thompson est consacré aux horloges du British Museum.
Sur 176 pages, ce livre présente 66 des plus exceptionnelles pièces du musée avec un descriptif et un historique complet de chaque pièce présentée.

Les textes en Anglais sont de David Thompson.

English description

Clocks, of The British Museum

Details of the book

Author: David Thompson
Publisher: BMP (2004)
Binding: Hardcover (176 full color pages) 7-½ inches x 10 inches ( 19 cm x 25 cm )
Language(s): English
ISBN (EAN): 978-0-7141-2812-2 (9780714128122)

Editorial Reviews

Clocks, of The British Museum, by D. Thompson, Ed. BMP, 7-½ inches x 10 inches ( 19 cm x 25 cm ), hardcover book with 176 color pages

This is a hardcover book with 176 full color pages that presents sixty-six of the rarest and most interesting timepieces of The British Museum's collection ranging from early examples of domestic clock-making to novelty of the twentieth century.
A great many of the most celebrated makers are represented by some of their most important works, including Isaac Habrecht's famous carillon clock, and the year-going clock made by Thomas Tompion for King William III.
There are table clocks, astrolabic and astronomical clocks, monstrance clocks, ships' clocks, long case clocks, travelling clocks, organ clocks, observatory regulators, marine chronometers and even a cuckoo clock.
Accompanied by color photographs, the mechanical workings and decorative aspects of each clock are illustrated and described in details making this the perfect introduction to a perennially fascinating subject.

The English texts are written by David Thompson.

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